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For this Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store project, we had the privilege of bringing a 29-year-old family and veteran-owned business into the digital age. With a solid reputation built on family values and a strong brand identity, our challenge was to create a web presence that mirrored their physical store’s success. The store, known for its extensive range of quality fishing gear, needed an online platform where thousands of products could be showcased effectively and efficiently, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they need.

The first step was designing a new logo that resonated with the company’s spirit, encapsulating its commitment to quality, community, and the allure of fishing. This logo set the tone for the entire project, symbolizing the transition from a traditional retail setup to a modern ecommerce platform.

We chose Shopify for its seamless integration of online and in-store sales, ensuring the business could manage their inventory across physical locations in Oklahoma and their new online store with ease. The goal was to design an ecommerce solution that not only highlighted their vast product range but also encapsulated the essence of their brand: a commitment to quality, community, and the great outdoors.

The project involved meticulous planning and execution to categorize and display products in a user-friendly manner, ensuring that customers could navigate the site intuitively. Special attention was given to the site’s design to reflect the family and veteran-owned values, creating an online space that felt welcoming and familiar to their loyal customer base.

By prioritizing user experience and the brand’s legacy, we delivered a Shopify-based solution that not only expanded the business’s reach beyond its Oklahoma roots but also paved the way for sustained digital growth. This approach ensured that the storied legacy of this family-owned business could flourish in the digital landscape, inviting new generations of customers to explore their passion for fishing.

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Steve is not just a professional at what he does, he is also genius marketer! For a couple of years I had a list of marketing projects I wanted to launch to help grow my business but I would always get stuck at not knowing how to communicate the right message. After talking to Steve for just an hour, he nailed down my messaging and developed the perfect plan that fit my business. If he had stopped there, that would've been enough but he pressed forward and created all my every piece of my funnel. You need to hire this man!
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Ayers & Sons Fishing & Outdoor Outfitters

Fishing Gear Ecommerce Homepage
Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
Fishing Gear Ecommerce About Page
Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
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Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
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Fishing Gear Ecommerce Store website
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Fishing Gear Ecommerce Storewebsite
Fishing Gear Ecommerce Storewebsite
Custom Logo Design
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