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Project Overview

Our collaboration with Film Trailer U was a journey of transformation – taking an initial vision and shaping it into a vibrant, interactive online course accompanied by a high-converting sales funnel. We didn’t just build a course; we built an experience that truly resonates with the audience.

Our approach was multifaceted, leveraging a suite of expert services tailored to meet Film Trailer U’s unique needs. We kicked off the project with an intensive research phase, gathering insights and developing a strategic plan that laid the groundwork for all subsequent steps.

Branding was an integral part of our strategy. We refined and enhanced Film Trailer U’s brand, creating a strong and consistent visual identity that instills trust and encourages customer engagement. This was further amplified by our customized graphic design work, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that effectively communicates the core values and unique selling points of Film Trailer U.

Another cornerstone of our strategy was high-impact copywriting. We crafted a compelling narrative that goes beyond mere information to evoke emotions and drive conversions. This compelling narrative, coupled with our targeted email marketing campaigns, ensured a steady stream of communication with prospective customers, nurturing them through the sales funnel and leading to consistent sales.

The end product was a scalable online course – an asset that Film Trailer U could sell repeatedly, generating a steady revenue stream. The course is more than a product; it’s a testament to Film Trailer U’s expertise and commitment to providing high-quality education in the film trailer industry. It’s a dynamic, engaging learning platform that continues to drive consistent sales and deliver value to both Film Trailer U and its customers.

Customized Funnel Plan

Deep research and reverse engineering to develop the right plan that will help you reach your financial and business goals is where we start.

Customized Graphics

Browsing and shopping habits are ever changing and often, having impactful images is the best method to convey your message and value.

Email Marketing

Our email nurture campaigns and email marketing strategies is where our clients make consistent sales week after week and month after month. good nurture.

Customized Branding

Our branding strategies level up your business and products and give your customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

High Impact Copywriting

Words are emotions and our copywriting strategies will tell the right story of your business and products and help you make more sales.

Course Creation

We offered comprehensive course creation services, providing Film Trailer U with a scalable, sellable asset.

In a business overflowing with flakes and con artists, Steve stands out as being different on so many levels. Easy to communicate with, accessible... I've been working with website builders for 15 years, and nobody comes close to Steve. Not only did he build the best-looking website I have ever had, he wrote most of it! Steve's high level marketing knowledge is excellent as well. He's highly skilled in three areas: Website building/design, copywriting and marketing. Steve does amazing work!
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Andrew Crittenden
Film Trailer U

Project Showcase

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Film Trailer U

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