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Project Overview

Since its establishment in 2011, TRE Lighting & Electrical has set the standard for electrical services in Anaheim, CA. Despite their excellent work and solid reputation, they lacked an online space to display their accomplishments and reach a wider audience. They were in search of a website that could both highlight their brand’s strengths and build trust with potential clients, all while providing a foundation for expanding their offerings in the future.

Our solution was a custom-built website, meticulously designed to reflect TRE Lighting & Electrical’s professionalism and industry excellence. We focused on creating a user-friendly experience that highlights their portfolio of successful projects, making it easy for visitors to grasp the quality and scope of their work. The website serves as a digital showcase, bringing their offline reputation online, thereby enhancing visibility and accessibility.

Additionally, we integrated features that allow for seamless updates and expansions, ensuring the website can evolve alongside the company. This foresight enables TRE Lighting & Electrical to introduce new services, share company news, and continually engage with both existing and prospective clients. The result is a robust online hub that not only elevates their brand but also opens doors to new opportunities and markets.

Through this digital transformation, TRE Lighting & Electrical now possesses a powerful tool that reinforces their commitment to quality and innovation. The new website stands as a testament to their expertise, attracting new projects and fostering growth in a competitive landscape.

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Steve is not just a professional at what he does, he is also genius marketer! For a couple of years I had a list of marketing projects I wanted to launch to help grow my business but I would always get stuck at not knowing how to communicate the right message. After talking to Steve for just an hour, he nailed down my messaging and developed the perfect plan that fit my business. If he had stopped there, that would've been enough but he pressed forward and created all my every piece of my funnel. You need to hire this man!
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Project Showcase

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TRE Lighting & Electrical

Electrician Services Website Homepage
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Electrician Services Portfolio Page
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Electrician Services Website About Page
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TRE Lighting Electrical - about long
Electrician Website Services Page
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Electrician Services Website Project Page
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Electrician Services Form
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TRE Lighting Electrical - form frame

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